This was my first exposure to the Jive Clearspace platform. I took PSDs developed by gotomedia and converted them to HTML and CSS. I then customized the Jive Clearspace platform with the custom look 'n feel from gotomedia with custom CSS and custom Freemarker templates. I also assisted a third party contractor from Aruba Consulting with customizing the platform to support custom content management of the courseware, papers, and downloads.

Louis Allen Worldwide

I built out this site based the the elegant designs of Catherine Aurelio. I handcrafted table-less HTML and CSS templates with PHP includes from her Illustrator files. I used sIFR, Scalable Inman Flash Replacement, to allow all the page headlines to remain in Helvetica Light with out the use of graphics. I worked closely with the client to populate all the content for the site, including the rotating Featured Partners on the homepage, and a form to accept new signups on the Newsletter page.

Louis Allen Worldwide

Another great design by Catherine Aurelio. I handcrafted table-less HTML and CSS templates with PHP includes from her Photoshop files. This site uses and EM based CSS layout to ensure the site scales with users font size. The design utilizes a lot of transparency, so I paid special attention to ensure that it rendered correctly in Internet Explorer 6. I worked closely with the client and lead two co-workers to populate all the content for the site. The site was delivered as static files by spidering our development PHP server.


Laura Beth DeHority is a glamourist looking to improve her web presence. Luis did a great job creating a fresh and captivating design in Photoshop. I then handcrafted a table-less layout in HTML and CSS and created a Typo template in Ruby on Rails. I customized the Typo blog engine through a couple of custom Ruby on Rails plugins to allow her to easily add affiliate links and to have a youtube video in her sidebar. Lastly, I deployed her custom Typo blog into a shared hosting enviroment with Apache and FastCGI backed by MySQL.

Featured Technologies: Ruby on Rails 2.0Typo 5.0XHTML 1.0CSS 2.1JavaScript 1.5


I implemented the new homepage for MeidaZone from their design. I converted their PhotoShop file to valid XHTML and CSS. Then I wrote the JavaScript necessary to read all the content from XML files. Lastly, I wrote more JavaScript to cycle through multiple previews in the top box and allow the user to browse their "carousel of channels" below. The transitions are queued to prevent graphical issues and trigged by timeouts or user interaction.

Featured Technologies: XHTML 1.0CSS 2.1JavaScript 1.5XMLPrototype 1.8

Creative Imaging Center

I created a system to enable the Creative Imaging Center to upload galleries of photos to their website and allow clients to view and order them at their discretion. Included password protected access and secure online payment processing.

Featured Technologies: PHP 4.xMySQL 4.xHTML 4.01CSS 2.0JavaScript 1.5

A.S. Bookstore

The new design of was the result of four students and five months of hard work. During this time I was the assistant web programer. I translated all of the designs created by our group into hand-written and optimized HTML code. I helped develop and implement the new SQL database back-end and created a custom content management system including page layout templates. The month after the website launched I was promoted to Lead Programmer. In the following year, I created an Intranet and many tools to assist the office staff in order processing and managing the online catalog of products. Developed with Lasso for Mac and Mircosoft SQL Server.

Featured Technologies: Lasso 3.xWebStar 4.2Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
HTML 4.01CSS 1.0

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